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GOXI - sharing in governance of extractive industries
IMAGE network - Independent Media for Accountability, Governance and Empowerment
ANSA-Africa is a project of the Economic Governance Programme, IDASA

Good Urban Governance through ICT: Issues, Analysis, and Strategies

Good Urban Governance through ICT: Issues, Analysis, and StrategiesThe World Bank invites comments from African social accountability practitioners on a draft handbook examining the role of ICT in promoting good governance practices. Entitled Good Urban Governance through ICT: issues, analysis and strategies, the handbook examines a wide range of issues in which ICT can play a key role in promoting accountability and service delivery. The handbook was compiled by the WB's Africa Urban and Water Sector Unit. Gaurav Relhan, one of the compilers, says technology helps well-informed citizens collaborate, exchange ideas and participate in real-time with their elected officials.  Voters can have their voices heard and officials can incorporate this feedback in their decisions. For instance, through mobile phones and the Internet, a Facebook page or post, a Tweet or a YouTube video, a citizen now has the power to participate at his fingertips to improve outcomes and trap corruption. Examples include tracing expenditures to see if there is sufficient spending by region or sector; tracking procurement results to see if vendors seem to be getting too much business or charging too much; and on-the-ground pictures to show whether projects were actually completed.

A new dawn: budget options for 2011/12 and the medium term

The Kenyan Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has just released its second budget options paper. Entitled "A new dawn: budget options for 2011/12 and the medium term", the report provides a critical analysis of the progress made on the government's commitment to align public resources with national strategic objectives under the MTEF and Vision 2030. The PBO's primary function is to provide timely and objective information and analysis on the national budget and the economy which parliamentarians can use in their engagement with the budget process. As such this report should be of interest to other parliamentary budget offices and to civil society and research agencies active in the budget monitoring sector in other African states.

Niger Delta Citizen Report Card: Sector reports

In June last year the European Union awarded NIDPRODEV a 10-month grant to conduct citizen report card surveys in 120 Niger Delta communities. The purpose of a citizen report card is to provide public officials, as well as international donors, with the information they need to address the inadequacies of community life that contribute to sustained poverty. By December 2010, NIDPRODEV had completed the input of data obtained through a 16-page survey administered through focus group discussions and key informant interviews in the communities. Sector reports are now available: health, education, governance, infrastructure and electricity, water and sanitation.

Application for the 'Practitioners Convening on Community Monitoring for Accountability in Health'

The Accountability and Monitoring in Health Initiative of the Open Society Foundation’s Public Health Program supports civil society groups to effectively and strategically use community monitoring as a mechanism for ensuring greater government accountability and transparency in health care to its citizens at the local, national, regional and global levels.

The absence of spaces and opportunities for practitioners of community monitoring for accountability in health to come together to share and collectively reflect on their experiences and to think creatively about the field and its future has been identified as a critical gap that is hampering the advancement of the field. AMHI seeks to address this gap through organizing a strategic convening of experienced practitioners in community monitoring for accountability in health from July 18 – 20, 2011 in South Africa.

Social Accountability in Africa - Practitioners' Experiences and Lessons

Social Accountability in Africa - Practitioners' Experiences and LessonsSocial Accountability in Africa: Practitioners’ Experiences and Lessons is a collection of case studies from Africa on social accountability. This collection attempts to build a consolidated body of knowledge on social accountability efforts across the continent. The case studies are diverse and present unique approaches to how social accountability strategies and interventions are implemented within different countries.

The book is written by practitioners, for practitioners, providing first hand experience of designing and implementing social accountability initiatives and the challenges, methods and successes each one presents.
  • While most research focuses on the role of citizens and civil society organisations in promoting accountability, this book places a greater emphasis on joint state-civil society initiatives.
  • While social accountability initiatives are known mostly only in their own countries, and few African campaigns are documented, this book fi lls this gap by covering different approaches within a wide array of African countries.
The book was published in early 2010 and launched at an ANSA-Africa regional workshop held in Pretoria, South Africa in April 2010.

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Gender responsive budgeting in Rwanda, 2008-2010: a review

Gender responsive budgeting in Rwanda, 2008-2010: a reviewIn 2008 Rwanda's Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (Minecofin) embarked on a gender-responsive budgeting programme. This document describes the development of the programme. It describes the first, preparatory phase as well as the second phase of implementation. It explains why particular approaches were adopted, achievements, as well as challenges. The document is intended for both internal and external audiences. Minecofin hopes that inside the country those who are already involved in the GRB programme will gain a better understanding of the initiative, while those who are not yet but could be involved will be encouraged to participate. For external readers Minecofin hopes that Rwanda's experience will help encourage actors in other countries to move forward with GRB initiatives that are tailored to their particular circumstances. Such circumstances include both the situation of women, men, boys and girls in the country, and the way that planning and budgeting happens.
Transparency in state budgets in IndiaTransparency in state budgets in India
Centre for Budget and Governance Acccountability
February 2011

Global Corruption Report: Climate ChangeGlobal Corruption Report: Climate Change
Transparency International
April 2011
 Innovative social accountability tools and projects
 Election monitoring  Gender and Service delivery
A touchpad to our future: An election resource for journalists A touchpad to our future: An election resource for journalists
Open Society Foundation
March 2009
Budget Decisions On Gender Budget Decisions On Gender: A Gender Budget Analysis of Key Ministerial Policy Statement and Budgets FY 2010/11
June 2010

ANSA-Africa Thematic Areas
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19 May 2011
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CAADP: Mutual accountability framework
19 May 2011

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