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Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA-EAP)
Affiliated Network for Social Accountability South Asia Region (ANSA-SAR)
GOXI - sharing in governance of extractive industries
IMAGE network - Independent Media for Accountability, Governance and Empowerment
ANSA-Africa is a project of the Economic Governance Programme, IDASA
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Communicating research for evidence-based policymaking

Cutting-edge research should be the hallmark of the EU Framework Programmes. From conception, throughout their lifespan and in their conclusions they have the potential to provide answers to many of the challenges faced by our societies. Research in the socio-economic sciences and humanities…

Know your service rights campaign
15 October 2008
The Know Your Service Rights Campaign is one of the four strategic thrusts identified to compliment and strengthen the government's drive to revitilise the promotion and implementation of Batho Pele within the public service as per the Cabinet resolution of the 04th of August 2004.
Communication for Empowerment: Developing media strategies in support of vulnerable groups
March 2006
This Practical Guidance Note aims to demonstrate that media can play a crucial role in empowering vulnerable and marginalized groups.
Entry points for civil society to influence budget processes
Jeff Thindwa, 2006
What is the Public Budget?

The Budget is the expression, in financial terms, of what Government tries to carry out in a determined period, as a rule, a year.

  • Through the budget process, a society decides who to tax and how much, and how to spend these revenues.
What’s happening in sustainable development?
November 2001
This poster is designed to introduce you to the subject of sustainable development by answering the following questions:

  • What is Sustainable Development?
  • What is the Significance of the Brundtland Report?
  • How have Sustainable Development Debates Progressed in…
ANSA-Africa Thematic Areas
AfDB supports accountability in Tunisia
19 May 2011

Tanzania doing poorly in civic education - APRM
19 May 2011

Bill Gates speech to the World Health Assembly
19 May 2011
World Health Organisation

PM set to woo Africa with new trade deals to counter China's growing clout
19 May 2011
The Economic Times

The trouble with gender economics
19 May 2011
The Guardian

Denmark shines with financial aid policy
19 May 2011

Inside the alms trade
19 May 2011
The Age

DATA Report 2011: key findings
19 May 2011

ACP-EU MPs back ongoing democratic power-shifts in Africa and the Middle East
19 May 2011
European Parliament

CAADP: Mutual accountability framework
19 May 2011

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